About Middlebury Transit

Middlebury Transit is a company operated by a couple in Cornwall, VT that specializes in providing affordable and comfortable transportation in the Burlington Area. It is a popular option among college students due to its reliability and availability.


  • Design a website that allows fast access to their services offered
  • Provide a clean website that highlights the perks of the company
  • Have a structured and intuitive reserve form
  • Ensure usability across multiple devices


  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX Design
  • Better Typography

Phase 1


Having no navigation, lack of responsive design, and poor typography, I decided to use bootstrap to implement a clean and modern website. The website’s main purpose is to reserve rides from one location to an other but the original website made accessing this service more difficult than it should be so I devised a strategy to deliver content effectively.

Prototype Browser
Prototype styles

Phase 2


Many of the images and graphics in the site were fairly low-resolution so I vectorized their logo and added some high resolution but web-optimized images. In addition, the colors before were not easy on the eyes so I choose a palette that made the site feel modern.

Phase 3

Wrapping things up

With the many tweaks made, the client was able to abandon its rigid and dated site for a snappy and responsive one. The essential reserve form was given a concise and modern structure to remove redundancy and improve user experience. The end result was a site that is modern and offers a great experience across all devices.