Sharing links on the Internet has evolved drastically from the increased use of email and social media. With Reddit and Youtube being two of the biggest websites on the Internet, I imagined both sites have a direct impact on each other. However, how much of an effect does link sharing on r/videos have on Youtube videos statistics? How much responsibility does Reddit have over the views, likes, or comments of a Youtube video? My study aims to try and understand the relationship between r/videos and Youtube. The aim is not to prove that r/videos is primarily responsible for the many views certain videos gain but rather to understand how responsible r/videos is when it comes to view increase. Reddit has been criticized for it strictness on "self-promoting" which refers to the act of Reddit users posting their own content to a certain subreddit in hopes of gaining a presence on the web. The criticism stems from the fact that certain users’ content is removed because moderators interpret it as spam, while videos or images promoting a particular company or person are fine. Thus, during my analysis, I also asked the question: is it worth trying to self-promote on Reddit? How drastically can the view count improve by posting a video on Reddit?