Starting the fire

Statfire is a platform that hosts a massive collection of YouTube statistics. Our current competitors include Social Blade, Tubular Labs, and VidStatsX.

Statfire required a redesign that would incorporate the Bent Pixels brand, enhance UX, improve Bent Pixels SEO, and implement new features in order to make the site competitive.

Objectives as a...

Product Manager

  • Design a Product Road Map
  • Research competitors' products
  • Create strategy to improve Bent Pixels SEO
  • Understand the current capabilities of the database in order to prevent additional backend work

UX Designer

  • Simplify the search process
  • Give precedence to important data
  • Allow for easy data digestion and site navigation

UI Designer

  • Incorporate Bent Pixels brand
  • Devise a site style guide
  • Redesign site to resemble the modern web
  • Create icon set for YouTube categories

Statfire Landing Page


Prototypes were sketched out in Sketch using conventional UX wireframe styles. Unfortunately, these wireframes were not preserved during the iterative design process.


Research consisted mainly of visiting our competitors' sites and understanding their features and design flaws. Socialblade (the dominant platform of the YouTube data space), in particular, had a design that was unstructured and paved the way to the data-focused design of Statfire.

Style Guide

One of the requirements for achieving a redesign was to associate Statfire with the Bent Pixels brand.

I created a style guide in Sketch in order to implement atomic design patterns which simplified the UI design process.

Check out the styleguide
Statfire Styleguide


My internship with Bent Pixels ended before the Statfire relaunch was completed but the latest UI designs incorporate the initial goals for the redesign. The new design contains the Bent Pixels brand, advertises Bent Pixels' other products, gives priority to data, and includes new features not available in our competitors' platforms.

Objectives Completed

  • UI designs for future implementation
  • Detailed Product Map
  • Style guide that details the Bent Pixels brand

What remains

  • Proper market validation
  • User testing
  • Front-End Implementation