who is arturo?

A short intro

My journey as a web developer began when I took an information visualization course that centered around displaying data on the web using d3.js. After graduating in 2015 from Middlebury College with a B.A. in computer science, I completed an internship for BentPixels where I worked as a Product Mangager & UX/UI designer.

Afterwards, I landed a job as a front end developer at a design agency called VDS in Long Beach, CA. During my time there, I also worked remotely as a freelance web developer for Monumental Design.

what i do and my process

Always adding to the stack

Every new project starts with opening Atom and initiating a packgage.json file via Hyper.js. I am well-rounded in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. If I need to use preprocessors, Pug is my go-to for HTML, Stylus for CSS, and Babel for es6. I love building stuff with React and I am currently working to build more stuff with Vue.js. I backup my work using git and store some projects in Github.


anime, gaming, and stuff

What I do when I am not coding

When I have free time and feel like relaxing, I love to watch anime(my totally legit way to practice my Japanese).

I grew up playing Nintendo games and even now, I love playing my Switch — specifically Splatoon 2. I got into the PC game after discovering the Steam summer sales; I built my first PC after graduating college and since then, I have built a couple PCs. While I have a big Steam and Origin library, I mainly play Overwatch on PC.

RAMA m60-a - GMK Serika

A dev needs a mech

My weird hobby of collecting plastic and metal

A couple years ago, I bought a mechanical keyboard and fell into this bizarre hobby of mechanical keyboards. My main attraction to the hobby is the ability to customize a keyboard that feels satisfying to type on and looks great on my desk. I own and have built a couple of keyboards but my main keeb for now is the RAMA m60-a, with holy pandas and GMK Serika keycaps.