coding in comfort

Making code easy on the eyes

Atom has a huge collection of great themes created by the community, so naturally, I wanted to give create some cool themes to become involved in the community.




Personal Project


Developer / Designer
made with

mixing colors

Being inspired by the keycaps I type on

I am a mechanical keyboard enthusiast and it is primary due to the amazing looking keycap sets. All my syntax themes were influenced directly by a specific keycap set. In addition to the themes, I decided to create a UI theme called Kecleon (named after the Pokemon and inspired by the Material UI theme) in order to enjoy the syntax themes to their fullest.

never enough keycaps or editor themes

More themes to come

With what I know now, I would rewrite the site using gatsby.js and feed the content using a headless CMS. One of the downsides of this project was that adding content required JSON editing and compiling using a npm script.