clear and defined goal

Emphasizing the service

The goal was to develop an elegant one-page site that emphasized the client's professional services. This was accomplished by focusing on the contact form and using subtle effects throughout the page.




Becky Engel via Monumental Design


Web Developer

working with modern tools

Harnessing the power of CSS3 & ES6

One of the cool things about this site is the smooth SVG and CSS3 animations. The form on the site was handled using axios. Error validation was implemented using the power of HTML5 and CSS3 pseudo styles.

Another neat thing was working with css blend modes. Since blend modes were not supported in Microsoft Edge, I wrote some code to polyfill the effect.

onto the next

Improving with each project

Upon completion, I learned a bit more about handling forms and svg animations. In addition, having a short turnaround always reminds me about the importance of not reinventing the wheel; a developer should always have tools in their arsenal, and in my case, I had written a plugin for a different site that was easily repurposed for this site.