Creating a modern site

Working on something monumental

Monumental Design specializes in developing fast shopified sites but lacked a gorgeous site that showcased its many skills. The goal was to create a modern responsive web experience that highlights Monumental's past ambitious projects.




Monumental Design


Web Developer

gathering the right tools

Animation is key

Aside from the beautiful design, the site was designed with seamless page transitions in mind. To accomplish this, I used Barba.js which is a library that takes advantage of PJAX and the HTML5 History API. Another requirement was entry animations, specifically on the project pages. This was a fairly simple task with the use of CSS3 animations and Javascript animation event listeners.

on to bigger things

Thoughts & Improvements

During the time of development, I was not too comfortable with react or vue but this site can definitely be rewritten in either of those frameworks. Similar to Michael Peraza's site, this could also be developed with gatsby.js and a headless CMS.