Understanding the vision

Turning design into code

Michael Peraza is a talented designer who needed to revamp his portfolio to showcase his array of dynamic and trendy work. The goal of the site was to create a responsive website that made use of transitions and animations that highlight Michael's incredible resume.




Michael Peraza


Web Developer

learn by doing

Ditching jQuery & buildling with ES6

During this project, I developed a couple of custom plugins in order to meet the requirements that Michael had on the site. Since I wanted this site to be jQuery free, I rewrote the bootstrap carousel plugin using ES6. In addition, I created a lightweight parallax and scroll reveal plugin. This was my third project using Barba.js which allowed for smooth page transitions and faster load times.

looking forward

Improving the site and future projects

With what I know now, I would rewrite the site using gatsby.js and feed the content using a headless CMS. The main downside of this project was its inaccessibility to the client since adding content required JSON editing and compiling using a npm script.