going the extra mile

Game missing a feature? Why not code it?

As I was getting close to reaching the final boss of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I wanted to have a list of all the blades I had collected and needed. While I could have done this manually, I decided to create a small single page app that did that for me.




Personal Project


Web Developer / UI/UX Desginer
made with
react transition

learn by doing

Making the list user friendly

Filtering is always an important feature to have in an app, and I wanted users to be able to refine the list based on common parameters. In addition, I implemented settings to hide certain blades since I wanted to prevent any potential spoilers.

keep grinding

Improving to create other missing features in my favorite games

Personal projects should always be fun and rewarding. There are a lot of features I wanted to add to this project but I found the end result to be enough for my original goal. I learned quite a bit and am ready to write a bigger and more powerful app.